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Modpsych Psychology Practice‚Äč

Welcome to Modpsych Psychology Practice

Psychological Services for Children, Adolescents, Parents and Families

What We Do and Offer:

We utilise a variety of intervention strategies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, Expressive Therapies, Play Therapy, ACT and Solution Focussed Therapy. Keira is trained in both Triple P and Circle of Security Parenting Education but will cater skills to the needs of the child.

As a registered teacher Keira can also provide services to aid accessing the curriculum or identifying barriers to learning. This could be in the areas of assessment or suggesting interventions. Assessments include 1 1/2 hours initial intake, up to 5 one hour sessions (Keira will usually know how many sessions after the initial assessment) and a feedback session. Keira will utilise the CHC model of Intelligence.  


We also have Archie who is Modpsych Psychology Practice therapy dog. Archie is a Shitzu cross Poodle and is full of playful energy. Archie is very in tune with the patient. If the patient is excited Archie will become excited with the patient. The same goes if a patient is upset, Archie will remain cool, calm and collected with the patient. If you or your child are not comfortable with dogs then he does not need to be in the in room during the session. As Archie is still a puppy we are working on making him the best therapy dog he can be! To do this we are getting constant training so he can become a certified Therapy dog - so please excuse his puppy habits. As Archie is still in-training, the client can help train Archie too. We have treats in the reception area and in the clinic so the client can connect with Archie.